The New Paradigm for Leadership

Create a thriving, values-driven culture in your business

You’re a leader and a visionary. You know how to create success for yourself, but you can’t always transfer that success mindset to your team. Your vision of where your business needs to be is not always passionately embraced by your staff.

But what if it were? Imagine what you would accomplish if you created a culture of ownership, responsibility, and accountability. It would be a meaningful difference, wouldn’t it?

I can help you create that change.

Discover the secrets that will Transform your business from stalled or stuck to focused & driven


It’s all about the people. As a corporate Physician Relationship Manager for many years, I often saw visionary leaders struggle to get great results. They were wasting energy by dragging their staff to take personal responsibility for their departments or lines of business. They were stuck fighting a culture of procrastination, apathy, and distraction. These leaders were somehow missing the mark - they were not communicating their vision in an inspiring way and the business suffered.

In this seminar, I’ll show you how to bridge this divide between C-level officers and senior or middle managers. You can create a culture of trust and respect that naturally boots your bottom line. You’ll see how you can simply and easily transfer your personal standards of success to your team so they take full ownership of their departments in all areas; sales, business development, marketing, and human resources.

During this 3-hour intensive seminar, you’ll learn to:

  • Move to an effective leadership model of influence and communication that outperforms the traditional leadership model that focuses on authority and results

  • Use the 3 habits of high-performing cultures that will transform your team into a focused, fearless unit

  • Create opportunities for you and your staff to grow, and not stay stuck in micromanagement or negative, critical communication

  • Change the beliefs and behaviors of your team so they can inspire their staff to create a cohesive team. Create a culture of belonging and connection that gets more results with ease

you will learn:

why your managers are not taking the lead in their lines of business

How you can help them become solution-oriented & accountable

The new paradigm for leadership

June 1, 2019 | 9am-12pm | La pergola in millburn | lunch will be served